What is BlueView?

BlueView shows the people in supply chains for food, agriculture and garments.

We independently draw together information from public and volunteered sources to build maps to tell the stories of the farmers who grow what you eat and the workers who stitch what you wear.

Bluenumbers show who are you buying from and where they are.

Are the people who make your consumption possible impacted by or causing fires, deforestation and environmental hazards? We overlay public data sets to centre on communities and human habitats. See how we showcase people with open data layers such as:
Active Fires (VIIRS) < 
Human Development < 
Active Hazard Types < 
Deforestation < 
Climate Zones < 
Bluenumber – People < 
Bluenumber – Organizations < 
Our tools source and map data to allow companies to understand their supply chain risks – right down to each factory and smallholder farmer. We build private dashboards to let companies, their suppliers and stakeholders such as Governments to share data with each other.

Bluenumbers are unique, global and neutral identities.

Bluenumber holders own their own data. Our platform is a data cooperative.

Use Bluenumbers and BlueView to track, trace and protect your brand in real-time.

Why Bluenumbers and BlueView?

Companies need sustainable and transparent supply chains.  Sustainable producers, traders, manufacturers and retailers want to be seen and their efforts recognized. Bluenumbers and BlueView let everyone in supply chains show themselves and volunteer their good practices openly.
It is physically impossible to continue certifying good practice at the scale that consumers today demand. Doing so would bankrupt both farmers and companies alike. Trust and transparency must step in. The billions spent on auditing slivers of food and garment chains should instead incentivize farmers and workers to declare their compliance and evidence it in real-time, using their own smartphones and sharing their own data. Bluenumbers make farmers and workers true business partners – not faceless statistics in chains.

Do you want to know the farmers and workers protecting the reputation of your brand?

How can your business use Bluenumbers and BlueView?

We can create a safe private space for your business to share and integrate data with the people and suppliers you work with. Your dashboard will reveal your supply chain, risks and business strategy. Our framework uses layers and data sets to help you engage with your stakeholders, measure progress and evidence how you impact the people and places supporting your business.
We trace your supply chain on our dashboards, link data on your material sources and products, apply real-time open data layers and filters, and give you analysis and reports to use internally and externally.

Your product is not sustainable unless you know everyone involved in producing it. Do you want to meet them?

Two Steps Ahead

BlueView identifies and monitors hotspots in your supply chain. It also shows how you can partner with Government and NGOs to transform lives in the places where you operate. We will help you to be two steps ahead by knowing which gaps you can plug and where as we strive to achieve global targets such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

BlueView helps you build partnerships, set targets and focus your impact on your actual stakeholders. We'll show you how.

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