Product & Pricing

Please contact us for subscriptions and pricing of Digital ID, Analytics and Traceability services.

Bluenumbers (B#) are provided or assigned free of charge to people, organisations, places and things usage. We do not sell Bluenumbers. B# IDs are issued free and B# ID data is owned by the B# holder. We charge for services to gather, verify, analyse and present B# data using various solutions and applications. We can merge, structure and layer all your data sources in one place. We organise and manage your private data, augment it with public data.

B# IDs

Providing a digital ID to enable identification and proof of existence
We can show that people, places and partners are real.


We use data to get answers
We map, visualise and verify all elements in complex networks. We organise, combine and enrich private data with public information. Our insights reveal risks and opportunities to business partners, suppliers or clientele to make informed decisions in their supply chain.


We trace complex networks
We use specially-designed solutions to trace and analyse supply chains.

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