Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a Bluenumber (B#)?

A Bluenumber (B#) is the smallest identifiable entity in a system. A B# can be a Person (an actor), an Organization (a company or NGO), a Place (a factory or a farm) or a Thing (a vehicle or piece of equipment). The B# is then used as the primary key to identify the entity across various datasets.

What is the B# Platform?

The Bluenumber Platform is an integrated set proprietary processes and methods to collect, investigate, analyze and present data about B#s individually and collectively. The B# Platform can describe and reveal the dynamics of complex systems. The B# Platform enables verified traceability by assuring that the entities within a supply chain exist, where they are and what they do, and also what their relationships are with each other.

What are the modules within the B# Platform?

There are five (5) modules in the B# Platform: (1) Data Collection, (2) Transformation, (3) Organization, (4) Analytics and (5) DashboardsData Collection uses proprietary API, mobile apps, hardware, IoT devices and smartphones. For Transformation and Organization, the B# Platform scrubs and structures raw data, and uses the Bluenumber Registry as an independent and neutral global reference index. Our approach allows different types of data from various sources to be linked and cross-referenced to generate context-specific knowledge. We run broad and specific Analytics to identify both landscape-level trends as well as risk analysis for specific entities and conditions, for example ‘black boxes’ within a supply chain. We present insights and results from Analytics in reports customized to client needs for easy download. Dashboards are the most powerful visual tool to share B# data internally and externally. Our Dashboards are constructed to respond to client needs by including selected GIS and map layers.

What can I do with B#s?

Using the B# Platform, you can understand your data, use it to lower your risks or enhance your effectiveness, and present your insights intuitively. You see maps of data points, transaction flows, and dashboards with information relevant your business and those your do business with. Speak to us to set up your dashboard.

Who needs a B#?

Any person, organization, or government who wants to understand a system, track specific elements within it, or see their place within it, needs a B#. For example, to trace the whole value chain of Palm Oil means knowing the every farmer, estate, mill, refinery, and buyer involved by giving them all B#s. Similarly, to trace the food source of a particular meal, all the actors and organizations involved in producing, processing, packaging, cooking, and selling have B#s.

Can the B# Platform be used in any industry?

B#s works for industry that involves people, organisations, places and things. We have piloted projects in Agriculture, Ready-Made Garments, Catering, NGOs, and Certification bodies. The B# Platform is a modular and scalable solution. B#s are entity-centric, not product-centric. This means that any given entity is identified across multiple industries with the same B# for independent assurance of attributes and data gathered from multiple sources.

Is my data private?

Yes. You can decide what data to share, and what data to keep private.

Can I stop a subscription?

Yes. Your data and information will be stored in our database. If you choose to re-subscribe, the data will always be available to you. You can also request for your data to be permanently deleted from the B# Platform.

Where is Bluenumber located?

We are headquartered in New York, USA. We currently have offices in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Dhaka. We will soon be opening offices in Europe, Africa and South America.

Is Bluenumber independent?

Yes. Bluenumber is not associated with any government or regulatory body. We are not a certification or scheme owner. We are not your competitor. We treat and process all data the same way.

How much does this cost?

B#s are always free – so including all your farmers, partners and workers at scale is zero-cost. We charge for B# Platform services to see, analyse and understand your data on a tiered subscription model based on the number of B#s that you wish to view or engage with – e.g. the number of mills, farmers or workers in your own supply chain.

Can I get a demo or free trial?

Of course! Contact us at [email protected] to schedule for a free demonstration of the system or to start your free trial.

Product Package FAQ

What is a ‘point’?

A point is a Bluenumber – in other words a mapped Person, Organization, Place or Thing – that appears on your dashboard.

What is a ‘free consultation’?

With a Lite or Professional subscription we will help you set up your dashboard to respond to your specific requirements (e.g. the flow of your supply chain), and advise on how best to collect and organize your data.

What do I get on the product dashboard?

You will get 2 dashboards in the form of map:


B# Geo-located Data – This puts the data into layers. Dynamic filters adjust to provide information on what the user sees as they navigate the map. This view can be put on the client website to inform stakeholders on the state of sustainability.

B# Relational Data – This is a private dashboard accessed by invitation only for client team members. Data profiles with deeper information join actors by the relationships they have. This is specifically designed for B# supply chain hyper-traceability.

What is the Bursa package?

The Bursa package only available to Malaysian companies and especially designed to meet Bursa Malaysia Traceability requirement [Link].

What kind of data do I need to create a dashboard?

When you register on our website we will send you a standard template for the FREE package. For LITE and PROFESSIONAL we will engage with you then customize a template based on your specific requirements. We will create your dashboard using the data you send us.

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