What we do


  • Identify and prove the existence of actors (individuals or organisations) or elements (places or things).
  • Correlate data with other B#s and link transactions.
  • Show that they are ‘real’ by matching bundles of data from many independent databases.


  • Tag data for business intelligence about networks and supply chains.
  • Match and combine public data and private data.
  • Reveal the dynamics between actors and elements.


  • Identify, visualise and verify the actors and elements in complex networks e.g. suppliers in supply chains, business partners, customers or clientele.
  • Show potential risks and opportunities to help decision-making for network (supply chain) managers.

Why B#

Universal Identity

Every B# ID is a unique Universal Primary Key and references only one specific entity. B#IDs are universal. They can identify all the people, organisations, places or things across complex systems.

Globally Accessible​

B# IDs are always registered, indexed and searchable free of charge. It costs nothing to create, assign or receive a B# ID. This provides a common language across all stakeholders whilst protecting your data at a lower cost.

Open Infrastructure​

Each B# ID is a primary key for the same entity across any data system. B# IDs enable free data exchange between users based on their own permissions.

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