BlueView – Supply Chain Transparency to Protect People and Places

  • November 1, 2017
  • 12:00 am
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1 November 2017, New York: Bluenumber today introduced BlueView, an open map to protect people and their places on our planet.

BlueView is a public good using anonymised B# ID to show the location of people relative to global risks and impacts such as fires and burning, deforestation and other hazards. These data sets of people and organisations at locations enable instant understanding of who is impacting, or being impacted, in climate zones or human development.

“Over the past 3 years we have focused on how businesses interact with people in specific places. BlueView is the product. We are committed to using public data and make situational and supply chain challenges transparent. People have hopes and homes that must be taken into account in corporate sustainability initiatives. Often companies reduce their own risks by increasing risk to the poor – especially for rural farmers and factory workers” said Puvan Selvanathan, CEO of Bluenumber.

Companies and Governments work with Bluenumber to reach farmers and workers in complex and dynamic supply chains. Bluenumbers are currently focused on smallholder palm oil farmers in Malaysia and garment factory workers in Bangladesh. To avoid data slavery, farmers and workers own their own data. Companies share non-competitive data from private Bluenumber supply chain maps, which provide full traceability to the last farmer or worker. The companies visualise who produces their products, and gain valuable insight and analysis to report on livelihoods, education, health and other indicators for human rights and development.

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