Phylagen and Bluenumber Introduce Forensic Traceability to Match Places, Products and People

  • October 31, 2017
  • 12:00 am
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30 October 2017, Kuala Lumpur: Phylagen, a microbiome data analytics company and Bluenumber are working together to validate the provenance of products and materials. For production facilities in Malaysia, the partners are pioneering ‘forensic traceability’ by using DNA testing, geo-location and individual digital identity mapping to match places with people and the products they produce.

Phylagen is an innovator in microbiome supply chain verification while Bluenumber provides geo-located identification to people and places. Phylagen’s proprietary technology establishes unique microbial DNA signatures for factories.

Bluenumbers provide and uniquely verify all workers and personnel at those factories. Together this allows an unprecedented level of assurance to supply chain managers in two ways. First, that their products are being made exactly where they are supposed to be made. Second, that they are actually being made by the people who are supposed to be making them.

The Phylagen technology is being deployed to match the microbial DNA signature from products to the microbial DNA signature from the associated factories.  Separately, Bluenumber will verify that the factory is a legal employer and the products produced match the number and skill of workers present.

Current work involves Malaysian factories exporting engineered machine components, personal care products and garments to Japan.

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