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B#Chain – GDPR Compliant Blockchain

21 May 2018, New York: Bluenumber announces BlueChain, a GDPR-compliant decentralised blockchain platform to secure the Bluenumber ecosystem for B# holders and their transactions. Bluenumber’s unique alphanumeric identifier, the B#, identifies people, organisations, places and things. B#s connect actors and elements across systems, revealing networks and relationships. For famers and workers now joining the global economy, a B# enables them to be recognised, and enjoy the benefits of participating as individuals with digital dignity.

Bluenumber Puts Workers First

2 May 2018, Dhaka: Bluenumber, Robi Axiata and Bank Asia are partnering on a groundbreaking initiative for garment workers in Bangladesh, the world’s largest garment producer after China. The initiative, Workers […]

Bluenumber Bangladesh Opens

24 April 2018, Dhaka: Bluenumber is open for business in Dhaka, Bangladesh, partnering with Win Incorporate, a leading provider of agricultural support services and engaging a network of over 30,000 farmers. […]

Bluenumber Introduces Slave-Free Certification

15 September 2017, Tokyo – Bluenumber today introduced the Bluemark process – the world’s first certification to show products are free of modern slavery. B# ID uniquely identifies people in supply chains and […]

Kao Corporation Partners Bluenumber

12 October 2017, Kuala Lumpur: Kao Corporation has partnered with Bluenumber to establish traceability in its Palm Oil supply chain. B# ID is a unique identifier delivered over mobile phone and […]