B#Chain – GDPR Compliant Blockchain

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21 May 2018, New York: Bluenumber announces BlueChain, a GDPR-compliant decentralised blockchain platform to secure the Bluenumber ecosystem for B# holders and their transactions. Bluenumber’s unique alphanumeric identifier, the B#, identifies people, organisations, places and things. B#s connect actors and elements across systems, revealing networks and relationships. For famers and workers now joining the global economy, a B# enables them to be recognised, and enjoy the benefits of participating as individuals with digital dignity.

Bluenumber Puts Workers First

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2 May 2018, Dhaka: Bluenumber, Robi Axiata and Bank Asia are partnering on a groundbreaking initiative for garment workers in Bangladesh, the world’s largest garment producer after China. The initiative, Workers First, offers garment workers a bundle that includes a bluenumber, a device with data connectivity and a bank account. The pilot deployment will involve 1,000 workers […]

Bluenumber Bangladesh Opens

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24 April 2018, Dhaka: Bluenumber is open for business in Dhaka, Bangladesh, partnering with Win Incorporate, a leading provider of agricultural support services and engaging a network of over 30,000 farmers. Led by Dr Kashifa Ahmad, CEO of Win Incorporate, and Senior Representative for Bluenumber in Bangladesh, the partnership aims to accelerate the development of the […]

Bluenumber and Sourcemap Offer 100% Palm Oil Traceability

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14 March 2018, New York – Sourcemap and Bluenumber announce the first solution to trace both where palm oil comes from and who produced it. The leaders in supply chain mapping and unique smallholder identification have co-developed a service to present verified and visualized data cheaper, faster and with greater assurance than traditional certification or sample-based fieldwork. […]

Bluenumber Introduces Slave-Free Certification

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15 September 2017, Tokyo – Bluenumber today introduced the Bluemark process – the world’s first certification to show products are free of modern slavery. Bluenumber uniquely identifies people in supply chains and complex systems. “The Bluemark process enables companies to verify that they know every person in their supply chain. It assures the legality of the chain, the […]

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