• A B# ID is a unique number to identify people, organisations, places and things. A B# ID is a free, independent, verified digital identity. B#IDs can be used for recognition and to grant access to services or benefits.
  • B# IDs can be created by issued by any party via open APIs and used for no charge. They are a substitute for costly, closed, proprietary numbering systems.
  • B# IDs are indexed and stored for free on a searchable registry. They can be used for ‘KYC’ validation.
  • B# ID independently validates the authenticity of whom or what it identifies.
  • B# ID is a global, self-sovereign digital identity – a disruptive infrastructure built by individuals on mobile phones and the internet.
  • 1.5 billion people do not have any form of identification. B# ID recognizes them so they can open a bank account, receive benefits or be trained. B# ID proves they exist and that they have identity, assets and value.
  • B# ID is user-volunteered, user-centric and user-shared data to bridge public and private data silos.


Unique + Universal Identity

Every B# ID is unique and references only one specific entity. B#IDs are universal. They can identify all the people, organisations, places or things in complex systems

Globally Accessible

B# IDs are always registered, indexed and searchable free of charge. It costs nothing to create, assign or receive a B# ID

Open Infrastructure

Each B# ID is a primary key for the same entity across any data system. B# IDs enable free data exchange between users based on their own permissions.


Supply chains contain people, organisations, things and places. If they are opaque, companies cannot say for sure where their products and services originate from. They cannot claim their practices are sustainable or even if the ‘certified’ entities they buy from actually exist

  • For Business
  • For Individual


  • Improve your supplier selection and management. See and understand your supply chain - every person, place and partner.
  • Know your business network. Identify and mitigate risks. By correlating private and public data you can evidence compliance. Reduce audit costs.
  • Incentivize your suppliers to share with you rather than police them from the top-down.
  • We are scaleable. Your suppliers join for free.
  • Measure the impact of your policies and initiatives. Get feedback directly from workers, farmers, partners at every and any point in your chain. Connect, communicate and build trust.
  • Enlist your stakeholders to validate your sustainable claims.
  • Avoid auditing millions of smallholders, estate and worker. Save time and money - choose transparency first, and certification only if necessary.
  • Invest directly to help your suppliers meet your expectations and share data continuously. Audit snapshots are quickly outdated. A certificate does not protect you against sustainable practice.


  • Your own your B# ID and your data is your property. If you choose to share it then you will receive a share of any value earned.
  • Workers, farmers or individuals in supply chains can volunteer their B# data to become visible in the chain.
  • You can be incentivized directly to supply chain managers:
    • Are you a small farmer needing finance?
    • Can your community get a CSR contribution from a company?
    • Do you need training from the Government?
  • Answer questions on your harvest or practices, be surveyed for market research. Your B# ID pays you for data.


Certifying Existence

We guarantee that people, places or partners are real. We ensure that every block in your blockchain is solid.

  • BlueMark verifies the B# ID holder has been corroborated by at least two or more independent data sources.
  • BlueMark can also show that all individuals in your network have B# ID and are free to identify themselves.
  • BlueMark can assure that individuals, companies and facilities in your chain are legal and legitimate.
  • BlueMark can be the basis for your grievance mechanism.

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