Foreign workers in Japan

This project is led by Caux Round Table Japan

In February 2020, there are 1,658,804 foreign workers in Japan, the highest ever since registration became mandatory in 2007, and an increase of 198,341 (13.6%) since the previous year. They were employed by242,608 companies, 26,260 (12.1%) more than previous year, also a record high. Despite thissignificant increase in foreign workers, it is unclearwho came through which recruitment agencies, and which companies and supply chains they work in. That poses an increased human rights risks for Japanese companies. TraceBlue Japan helps companies to identify human rights risks with a series of systems together with Caux Round Table Japan (CRT). We enable companies to promote ethical recruitment, maintain ethical working conditions and environmentso they are properly recognized and evaluated by financial institutions and investors.

CRT Japan supports companies who want to hear and learn from voices of their foreign workers. CRT aims to build a platform allowingand including Government, companies, recruitment agencies, and third-party support organisations, to work together to help foreign workers in Japan.

Hello Ninja

Hello Ninja is an app for foreignworkers (including technical intern trainees) in Japan. They can use this app to record working hours and vacation dates,select who to sharetheir personal information, and send messages to differentstakeholder entities in their native language. It also enables themto receive information about events and contributeto building a network across nationalitieswithresident status. The app can be linked up with the Ninja-Biz system(below)for companies, recruitment agencies and third-party support organisations.

Bluenumber is issued when workerssign-up for the app and enables the individuals to manage their own personal information.

Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Bengali.


Ninja-Biz is a system for companies, recruitment agencies (including sending and supervising organisation under technical intern trainee programmes), and third-party support organisations. It enables companies to list their foreign workers and tolink with Hello Ninja users to approve working hours and vacation requests, send and receive messages, share schedules and event information, and confirm that the foreigners are safe in case of a disaster. This helpscompanies and recruitment agencies promote ethical working environments in Japan with the help of third-party support organisations, where the activity of each can be recognised and evaluated. Bluenumber digital identity is issued to use the system, and companies manage the corporate and its personal information via Bluenumber.

Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified / traditional), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Bengali

Foreign Workers Data
Management System

The Foreign Worker Data Management System helpsbusinessesto know the situation of foreign workers in their supply chains. Companies encourage their subsidiaries and suppliers to register with the system, which allows them togather data on the total number of workers including foreigners (by employment type, visa status, gender, nationality). The system offers a Knowledge Base for companies to share information such as policies and training between their business unitsand partners. No personal information of foreign or other workers is collected. Bluenumber is issued for companies upon registration, enabling companies to manage corporate and personnel data.


Ninja Anon migrant workers to anonymously express concerns and share anxieties in their native language.Just byscanning a QR code posted at business premises foreign workers cansend messages to the company a smartphone or via PCs. Their message is sent to the “Foreign Worker Data Management System” so they can easily make companies aware of risks that can bedealt with swiftly before problems escalate . Ninja Anon uses humanID to enable secure, fast, anonymous login.

Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Malay

* Human ID is a non-profit, financed by Harvard Business school grants, created by a team of Harvard Alumni & Cyber Security Engineers, and its product went live in August 2020. It offers secure, fast and anonymous login with storing/transferring zero personal data, using irreversible encryption & hashing technology.