Identifying, Enabling and Empowering Everyone

Global Challenges

Transboundary Haze

Bluenumbers show the location of farmers relative to hotspots

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Financial Inclusion

Bluenumbers let people create real-world profiles in lieu of a formal credit history

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Helping SME Sell

Bluenumbers help small farmers sell more

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Land Rights

Bluenumbers let people agree what is individual and communal property

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Treating Workers Fairly

B# IDs show every worker in a supply chain

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Refugees & Human Trafficking

B# IDs provide victims of trafficking a way to show the agencies helping them their documents

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Measuring Real Impact

Bluenumbers can measure if SDG investments are actually delivering the benefits promised

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Bluenumbers address these challenges

Bluenumber Digital ID (B# ID)

Unique + Universal Identity
Every B# ID is unique and references only one specific entity. B#IDs are universal. They can identify all the people, organisations, places or things in complex systems
Globally Accessible

B# IDs are always registered, indexed and searchable free of charge. It costs nothing to create, assign or receive a B# ID

Open Infrastructure
Each B# ID is a primary key for the same entity across any data system. B# IDs enable free data exchange between users based on their own permissions

What we do


For every Person, Organisation, Place and Thing. Free, Scalable, and Geolocated Identity


To investigate and analyze risks and opportunities for business, governments and communities


To show relationship between people, places and companies in environmental and social context.

Understand your supply chain

Identify and mitigate risk

Validates your sustainability claim

What Bluenumber offers businesses